The Ordinary Glycolic Acid IMIXPRO
The Ordinary Glycolic Acid IMIXPRO

The Ordinary Glycolic Acid

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Milia removal
Glycolic acid 7% from Ordinary

✨ It is characterized by a pH 3.6 acidity, which gives it high efficiency
✨ In addition to having aloe vera extract to soothe the skin
✨ And the presence of amino acids helps to resist and treat wrinkles 😍

So what are its uses:
1- It is used to lighten the underarms and remove the bad smell of sweat
Because of its low pH, which helps to get rid of existing bacteria that cause odor in the area without preventing sweating
It is used here by using a cotton ball twice a week on dry skin, then a moisturizer is applied after it
2- It is used to lighten the elbows and knees ✅ (It is used daily or 3 times a week)
evening and followed by moisturizer
3- It is used to treat and get rid of goose bumps 🦆 (skin granulation) ✅ twice a week, followed by a moisturizer.
4- It can be used to treat dandruff, as it is applied to the scalp with a cotton ball and left for 5-10 minutes, then washed with shampoo.
5- It is used as a lightening and exfoliating toner for the face, increasing skin glow and resisting early wrinkles
✅ Twice a week on clean dry skin, then apply moisturizing cream after it
(It is definitely not used around the mouth 👄 and eyes 👁 ❌)

⚠️ It is preferable to do an allergy test on a small part of the skin before using it

⚠️ Pregnant and breastfeeding women can use it with the advice of their doctor 🧑 ⚕️

⚠️ Sensitive skin and those with rosacea are better to use 🙂

Write to us your experiences with it if you use it + your questions 💃🏻
One of the best types of toners that you can use ❤️ for gentle exfoliation and lightening the skin color 😍 contains glycolic acid: it is an exfoliating acid that works on ⬇️

1️⃣ Remove dead cells ❤️
, 2 ️⃣ skin lightening 🤍
3 ️⃣ Narrowing the size of the pores and returning them to their normal size.
4 ️⃣ remove white heads
5 ️⃣ Reducing pigmentation and accelerating the process of treating dark spots
6 ️⃣ reduces tender love especially in the forehead
7 ️⃣ rid you of scalp dandruff
8 ️⃣ helps whiten armpits and other dark areas of the body

Ingredients ⬇️
Glycolic Acid: An exfoliating acid that removes dead skin from the surface of the skin. ✨
Herbal extract works to mitigate the natural effects when removing dead skin.👌🏻
Aloe vera and ginseng: herbal extract to reduce redness and glow when exfoliating.❤️🤍

✅ How to use ⬇️
Day after day at night after washing only
It is used on cotton and wiped on the skin after using the lotion.
Then use moisturizer after it ✔️✔️

✅ The result is shown after two weeks of use 😍
Very large size 240 ml 😍👌🏻